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The KL Junior Hash House Harriers

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The Kuala Lumpur Junior Hash House Harriers meet for their Hash Runs on the first Sunday of each month. The activity is intended as a family outing patterned along the lines of the traditional Hash Runs but oriented towards young participants.

Generally, venues are within an hour's drive of KL and trails are often in rubber or oil palm estates. For most of today's children who grow up in an urban environment, these Runs provide many opportunities to see wild animals, plants and other wonders of nature - not to mention a chance to get a little bit muddy!

Each Junior Hash Run has Long and Short Runs; the Long Run usually takes more than an hour while the Short Run can be done in 30 ~ 45 minutes, even at walking pace. The trails are indicated by paper with some false trails occasionally thrown in. There are sometimes streams to cross and rarely does anyone return back clean!

The Runs are organised and supervised by adults and the safety of the children is given much attention. However, parents are required to accompany their children on the Runs and to look after them at all times.
After each Run there is a "circle" where participants are given awards to mark their achievement, and new guests are introduced. From time to time, there are special Runs where freebies are given and drinks/snacks are provided. However please prepare drinks/snacks for your own kids for the Run. Most families remain after the run and enjoy a picnic (bring a tarp/blanket)! Also please remember to bring water, insect repellent, and a change of clothes (we tend to get very dirty!).

Information and the location of each month's Run can be found on this website (below). You can also join our E-Mail list and we'll send you a reminder each month with the directions.

The children are also encouraged to act as 'scribes' and recall their experiences either with a report or a drawing which posted on the website.

Any family can join the KL Junior Hash House Harriers and about half of the present membership are Malaysians. There is no minimum age limit -- there are parents who carry babies on their backs! You can either join us as a Guest for each Run (Guest fees are RM10 per child), or choose to apply for membership (RM100 per child per year with a one-time RM10 registration fee). There is no charge for Parents/Adults! The advantages of KLJHHH membership are: Our financial/membership year runs from September to August. For those joining between May and August, a half year subscription is payable.

There is no need for an invitation or anything - just show up to the run site and join us!

Note that the KLJHHH is an ENTIRELY non-profit organisation that is comprised of volunteer, like-minded parents that just want to provide a fun and enjoyable outlet for our kids.



We now have an automated e-mail list that allows you to add or remove yourself from our e-mail notices.

If you'd like to be reminded of our runs and other events, please click HERE and enter your information.

If you'd like to stop receiving our e-mails, please click HERE and follow the instructions.

If you'd like to modify your e-mail address, phone number or other information, please click HERE.

Dear Junior hashers,

As it is Halloween, the hare's decided to set the run through the haunted plantation at Bindoora - watch out for spooks on the way..... Repellent is advised as usual and for ghouls.....

This is the Halloween Run so be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Please ask your parents to bring lot's of sweets for 'trick or treating' and feel free to wear your most ghoulish disguise / costume. There will be awards for the best costume after the run.

Note to parents:

Kindly make your renewment payments if not already done so.

Please ensure that you bring a bin liner to take away your garbage.

There will be Premium “Rawlins" hotdogs and other refreshments available.

Remember to check out our KLJHHH Facebook page and give it a like!

Run directions are below.

See you at the run!

KLJH3 Run Nr: 414: Sunday 8th of November, 2015

VENUE: Bindoora Estate, Ulu Yam

TRAVEL TIME: Allow 1.5 hr

RUN STARTS AT: 3:00 pm

HARE: Lydia Lim

CO-HARE(S): Scourse Family


Look it up on Google Maps:
-go to Google Maps
-Search for: N3 25.500 E101 40.646 (approximately)

- Get either onto Jalan Kuching North from KL, and take the 3 o'clock exit Batu at the Batu Caves/Kepong Roundabout, OR,
Get onto the MRR2 from Sungai Buloh, etc. and head towards Batu Caves. Trip meter at Roundabout.
- km 0.5 Exit left on the first exit after leaving the roundabout,
- km 1.2 turn left again, and get into right hand lane.
- km 1.9 Turn right at the traffic lights with the Mosque on your right and head through Selayang town,
- km 6.0 Go past the Petronas on the left and then
- km 6.5 Turn right onto old reservoir road (B57), following signs to Ulu Yam.
- Proceed about 21km until you come to a bridge and a T-junction
- after crossing bridge, turn LEFT at T-junction
- go slowly into Ulu Yam town, turn RIGHT after 7-11, signposted towards "Genting Highlands" (B113)
- after about 500 meters, pass Police Station on left.
- immediately look for right turn before the bridge, turn RIGHT at sign "Amber Stone Resort"
- drive about 1.5km slowly through Kampung (many children, dogs, frogs, chickens etc playing)
- Look for left turn to Bundoora Sdn Bhd. TURN LEFT. Cross bridge, enter Bindoora Ranch,
Keep Right, follow signs to parking after the Ranch in the Oil Palm, near a hot spring.

- Take the NKVE north to Rawang and exit junction 116.
- TURN RIGHT and zero trip meter at traffic lights just after Rawang toll
- Go towards Rawang, then straight across bridge on bypass to Serendah/Batang Kali and onto the old road to Batang Kali/Ipoh.
- Keep driving. On the way from the toll you should pass the following land marks:
- 3.8km roundabout on the Rawang by pass, 5.2km Petronas Service Station on your right.
- 7.3km Petronas Service Station on your left, 10.0km BP Service Station on your left.
- 10.4km Shell Service Station on your right, 12.1km Petronas Service Station on your right
- 13.6km Big Golf ball on your right (Serendah golf course),
- 23.0km Petronas Service Station on your left just after the bridge in Batang Kali
- 23.4km TURN RIGHT at traffic lights route B66 towards "Ulu Yam Baru/Genting Highlands"
- Reset trip meter to zero at traffic lights! Then:
- At 1.5km Petronas Service Station on your left,
- 1.9km digital traffic lights Go Straight.
- Drive another 1.8 km past Yat Lott Fatt Fatt Restaurant.
- Straight across the turn to Genting Highlands.
- Drive another 2 km and look for Left Turn to Amberstone Resort. If you pass Ulu Yam Bharu Police Station you have gone too far.
- Drive approx 1.6 km slowly through Kampong, (many children, dogs, frogs, wogs, hogs, logs, chickens etc playing). Look for Bundoora Sdn Bhd Sign.
- Turn Left to Bundoora Sdn Bhd. Cross bridge, enter Bundoora Ranch, Keep Right, follow signs to parking after the Ranch in the Oil Palm.

If you wish to print out just the Run directions, click here and the text will appear in a separate window from which you can print a copy.

News and Reminders

For you new members, please know that after the run we have a circle where awards and "punishments" are handed out. It's more fun when there are a lot of people involved!

Please take note that we now allocate hares for future runs.

Those families allocated are responsible for setting the run on that day or finding a replacement and notifying the committee of same. Once run directions are available, please email to onsec@kljhhh.org. If you need assistance in finding an experienced co-hare, please ask. Also, if you want to set a special run at any time within the following 12 months (eg. for child's birthday, national event in home country, etc.), please let the committee know.

Annual Fees Revision:
Annual fees will be RM100 / child and joining fee for new members will remain at RM10, as will guest fee per child per run.
Annual feels are due for renewal at the AGM Run (September), and must be paid by November Run latest or else membership will lapse. The Junior Hash has at least 2 celebration runs per annum, at which a combination of free food / entertainment / gifts is provided to members (guests pay special fees on the day). Added to that, each member receives an engraved pewter mug / medal at each milestone (12th run).

Freebies / Hasherdabery:

We still have T-shirts to give away upon registration, so if members or their guests need any more, just ask!

Here are a few general reminders about the Hash

  1. Please make sure your kids (and any guests) sign both OUT and IN on every run, and specify accurately which run they intend to do (LONG OR SHORT). At two runs recently, some members did not sign back in, meaning the Hares were on standby to go back into the jungle to search for them until it was established that they were back.
  2. Please educate / remind your kids of the Hash "paper" protocol:
    1. They are to keep ensuring they are running on the right type / shape of paper for the run they are on (otherwise they could get terribly lost)
    2. One of the objectives of "checks" is to keep the runners closer together - the front runners should do the "checking", and the breaking of checks should be done by the kids, who should then organise the joining up of the paper into a continuous trail so that those behind do not have to "check" all over again and become even slower in finishing
    3. Hash calls (kids need to be trained to use these):
      • R U - calling to those in front or checking to see if anyone within earshot is on paper
      • Checking - replying to those who call R U that you haven't found the paper trail yet and are still checking
      • On on - calling when found paper / when running on the paper trail
  3. Hares: We would not have a Junior Hash without a willing hare each month and we know how much effort goes into finding a suitable site and setting runs there, often with several recce trips beforehand. We'd just like to remind you all to please choose a site where there is a safe and quiet parking area, away from any traffic passing through, and make sure to bring / lay sufficient paper to minimise the risk of anyone getting lost. If a run is set near to a kampung / village, it's advisable to use flour / coffee for the 2 respective trails, rather than paper, so that the trail does not get moved / tampered with. Any check laid on both long and short runs should be easily broken by the kids themselves and, to avoid confusion and mayhem, there should be no false trails. As a general guide, short runs should be tailored for 3 to 6 year olds and be an easy 45 minute walk for the average 4-yr-old. Long runs should be no longer than 6 kms. Neither run should have any long stretch of walking along a river bed, but multiple river crossings are OK on both.
    Before the start of each run, we would like the hare to give the runners a brief introduction for that day, as follows:
    • explain the concept of paper / checks (we have been getting a very large number of guests on recent runs, and hares should therefore assume that many of the runners are totally new to hashing)
    • introduce each of the day's runs:
      • shape of paper for each
      • number of checks on each
      • approximate length (time and / or distance) of each
      • any dangers or unusual elements (eg. how long is walk along road / river, back to site, where more lengthy than normal)
    • lead warm-up exercise session (or organize someone to do this)
  4. The Junior Hash is one of the ways in which we, the parents, can pass on good values about caring for the environment to our children. Please ensure all rubbish is taken home with you after the run. Litterbugs are not welcome!
  5. Dogs on runs:
    Whilst families are welcome to give their dogs an outing on our runs, here are a couple of reminders to those canine owners:
    • If your dog is temperamental or does not yet know how to socialise with others, they are better left at home. Not all our young members and guests are comfortable with dogs, so we would prefer not to have any scenes which may frighten them.
    • We rely on the owners to be as vigilant about clearing any doggy messes around our runsites, and in the middle of the paper trail, as they are in and around their own homes.
    • Dogs MUST be kept on leads, both for the comfort and safety of our members and guests who are not so familiar with dogs, and for the safety of any herds of sheep/goats/cows we encounter along the trail. Remember, we are running on private property most of the time.
  6. Number of runs:
    Please make sure you regularly check the registration list as to the number of runs your child has "clocked up", just so that any discrepancies are dealt with straight away.

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Almost There (Before Run 414)


Awards Given at Run 413


MARCUS FRENCH for 24 runs

RUBY LEACH for 12 runs


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Upcoming Runs and Hareline

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4071rst March, 2015 Nikolai Wilson & Zoe Miller CNY Run
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40910th May, 2015 Nakagami Family
4107th June, 2015 French Family
4115th July, 2015 Leach Family
4122nd August, 2015 Voss Family
41313th October, 2015 Taylor Family
4148th November, 2015 Lim Family

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Grand Master:

Paul Freer

Joint Master:

Richard Holt


Mee Leng Dekker


On Cash:

Felicia Choo

Committee Members:

Database & Web Site:

Robbert Veldkamp


Vicky Holt


Bong-Eyo Soh


Miho Nakagami


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The Little Hasher Song

He's a little Hasher, short and stout
Not much bigger than a brussels sprout,
When he's hashing...
On ~ On he'll shout
As he runs around the jungle,
trying to get out!
Drink it down ~ down ~ down....

The Hash Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to you
You're a Hasher through and through
You look like a Hasher
And you smell like one too!!
Drink it down ~ down ~ down....

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Special thanks to Sim Campbell for having established and maintained this webpage. Since Year 2005 this website has been updated by the KLJHHH committee members. Please feel free to send us e-mail with comments and suggestions on how the webpage can be improved.

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